Teacher Dashboard Mega Update!

Teacher Dashboard Mega Update!

Did you know the Teacher Dashboard gained a ton of new features?

Let’s dig in and find out what’s new...

1. Seat Licensing

When students use Accessibyte Online, they each require their own license. This can be a license just for Typio Online or for the full Accessibyte Online platform. In the past, once an account was created, the license could no longer be used to activate another account.

Well, a handful of teachers requested that we offer seat-based licensing.We agreed giving users more freedom with their licenses made good sense. So Teacher Dashboard users now have automatic seat-licensing updates applied to all student licenses!

How does this work? When a student account is deleted and the license tied to that account still has time remaining on the subscription, the license can be used to create a new account for another student. Jut login to your Teacher Dashboard, click Students & Licenses and you’ll find everything you need.

2. Quick Cards

We couldn’t add a new app to Accessibyte Online without Teacher Dashboard integration, could we? Teachers can now log in and send their students custom Quick Cards content. Try saying that ten times fast. For real, try it!

Custom Flash Card Decks

In the world of Quick Cards, decks are accessible flash card decks students can flip through. Each deck is comprised of cards. Each card has Side A and Side B. When a student studies with the deck, the text is made big bold and beautiful for low vision users, in addition to being verbally read off for audible users. All a teacher has to do to create a deck is log in to their Teacher Dashboard, click the student they want, then start creating decks.

Teachers can also store their own collection of decks, making it easy to share decks with multiple students.

Create Tests

First things first, Quick Cards automatically turns any flash card deck into a multiple choice test. Side A becomes the question and Side B of random cards in the deck become the answer choices. Pretty cool!

You can also make your own custom tests with your own custom answer choices. This allows you to create accessible quizzes which are automatically scored. You can then track your students’ scores from your…you guessed it, Teacher Dashboard.

3. Accessibyte Arcade

What good are accessible games if they can’t be customized? Well, they’re still pretty good but being able to customize some of them is still really nice. That’s why your Teacher Dashboard lets you send custom Hangman word lists to your students. Go ahead and slip some material from other classes into Hangman and your students wont even notice they’re learning.

We’ll have even more Teacher Dashboard integration with Accessibyte Arcade when more games are released in the future. Oh, that’s right. We’ve got aton more games in development 😉

4. ProPack

Ever wanted to send your students documents to read at home, a list of tasks to complete or check documents they’ve typed? Well you can do all of that and more with Teacher Dashboard ProPack integration.


Send any amount of text to your students. Copy and paste from other sources, type up something unique, you name it! All your student has to do is log in and they’ll be able to listen along and the document is read to them in the browser.


This is a simple yet powerful app. Having an accessible list of tasks to track goes a long way in fostering independence with our students. You can follow along with tasks they’ve added or add your own tasks to their to-do lists.


Students can use ProPack to type up documents. You can then check their documents from your dashboard. Not a bad way to follow up with student work whether you’re sitting next to them or are pulling TVI duties from miles away.

Activity Log

Tracking student activity when they use Accessibyte Online provides all sorts of useful insights into how your students learn. See which apps they use, when they’ve used them and how much time they’ve spent with the app. You can even see which app they’re in this very moment.

5. And more to come!

We’ve got even more features in store for the Teacher Dashboard in the future, so stay tuned! As our Accessibyte users know, we always deliver on those promises bigger than anyone expected.

The Teacher Dashboard started off as away to monitor a student’s Typio Online progress. Now there are a ton of new app integrateds, a more robust way to manage student login, password and license information, and a whole new seat licensing system. Our aim is to help TVI’s and anyone else working with students who are blind or visually impaired. Check out the Teacher Dashboard and see how we did.

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