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Blind & visually impaired students learn fast with
Quick Cards Online

Easily convert your classroom material into accessible flash cards and tests for your students

Empower Learning

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Student-focused Design

  • Built for students who are blind or visually impaired.
  • 100% accessible without vision.
  • Visual enhancements for low vision users.
  • No outside assistive technology required.
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Simplify Learning

  • Accessible studying promotes independence and incentivizes learning.
  • Study, test and retest to improve knowledge.
  • Remotely send decks and tests from your Teacher Dashboard.
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Test & Study

  • Create custom flash cards and tests.
  • Flip through cards in Study Mode.
  • Record measurable progress in Test Mode.
  • Automatically convert flash card decks into multiple choice tests.
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Supercharge from your Teacher Dashboard

Tweak student settings

Send students content

Check student records

Study. Test. Learn.

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Accessibyte Online

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