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Accessible school tools for blind and visually impaired students

Give your students the accessible tools they need to succeed with ProPack

Built for Student Needs

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Student-focused Design

  • Built for students who are blind or visually impaired.
  • 100% accessible without vision.
  • Visual enhancements for low vision users.
  • No outside assistive technology required.
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Playable Without Vision

  • Fully audible for players without vision.
  • Totally self-voicing.
  • No outside assistive technology required. 
  • Built specifically for players who are blind or visually impaired.
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Log In From Anywhere

  • Fully accessible at home and school.
  • iOS, Mac, Chromebook, Windows, Android, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone.
  • No installation required. Just log in, it’s that easy.

What's Included?

Talking Calculator

Crunch numbers and and equate accessibility to achievability.

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Lookup words in an accessible format. Powered by Oxford Dictionaries.


Create documents that are instantly shared with teachers.

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Send students distraction-free reading and listening assignments.


Send students tasks or let them manage their to-do list independently.

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Keep records of what students have been up to in with ProPack.

Laptop logged into Teacher Dashboard showing bar charts, graphs and table of non-descript typing lesson results

Supercharge ProPack from your Teacher Dashboard

Send students reader documents

Check student Notepad documents

Add tasks to student To-Do list

Remotely tweak student settings

Increase indepndence. Empower learning.

ProPack Notepad gif showing typing of document "Chickens are strange birds. This is my essay."
ProPack To-Do gif showing various tasks, such as Do some Typio Lessons, Study for History test and play piano.

Try Accessibyte for free!

Try Accessibyte for free!

Grab a 14 day free trial to see what all the excitement is about.


365 day access
For a Home User

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Gamified typing tutor.
Learn the entire keyboard.
Totally Accessible.
Any device, anywhere.
Kids love it!

All Access

365 day access
For a Home User

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Typio Online Iconbraillio

Learn touch typing and braille.
Study & play games.
Includes: Typio, Quick Cards, Accessibyte Arcade, ProPack & Braillio.

School Edition

365 day access
For Teachers and Students

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Typio Online Iconbraillio

App access for Students.
Includes remote Teacher Dashboard.
Track Student Progress Remotely.
Send custom lessons.
More details…