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Typio Online is a highly visual and entirely audible typing tutor in the cloud

Give your students a fun and engaging way to learn typing right in the browser

Built for Student and Teacher Needs

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Student-focused Design

  • Built specifically for blind and visually impaired typists.
  • Visual Enhancements for low vision users.
  • 100% accessible without vision.
  • No outside assistive technology required. Typio Online is accessible right in the browser.

Developed by Teachers

  • Designed and developed by an assitive technology instructor (MSEd., COMS, CVRT, CATIS).
  • Tested by Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI’s) and other Special Education teachers.
  • Full integration with optional Teacher Dashboard.
Logos for Chromebook, Macbook, Windows, Android, Laptop, Desktop and Tablet.

Log In From Anywhere

  • Students pick up right where they left off at school or home.
  • iOS, Mac, Chromebook, Windows, Android, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone.
  • No installation required. Just log in, it’s that easy.

A really fun incentive for learning

Raise your Typing Pet!

typing pets

Train your pet by completing typing lessons.

Feed them to customize their look & sound.

Play typing games with your wacky pet.

Students Love Typio Online

How to teach with Typio Online

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Individualize & Customize

Customize visual, audible and program settings to meet the needs of your student. Typio is designed to make learning easier.

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Set Student Goals

Easily set each student’s speed and accuracy goals. Typio will automatically advance once those goals are met.

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Empower Learning

The interface is simple and easy to understand. All your student needs for independence are up, down, enter and escape!

A spectrum of typing tools

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Progress Mode

Students are guided through the entire keyboard, automatically saving progress and progressing only when they meet the goals you set.

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Practice Mode

Review Typio’s included lessons or type custom lessons created in the Teacher Dashboard

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Mini Review

A fast and fresh way to practice without burning out. Users are given 10 random typing prompts focused on the most recently learned key.

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Free Type

Students type freely, without prompting from Typio, yet still receive useful feedback on their typing skills.

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Press any key on the keyboard to hear what it is. It’s also displayed visually along with an on-screen keyboard that lights up as you type!

Supported OS

  • iOS (iPad and iPhone)
  • Windows 7, Windows 10
  • Chromebook, Chrome OS
  • Android
  • MacOS, OS X


  • Internet connection
  • A hardware keyboard (USB, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Google Chrome  internet browser
  • A love for accessible technology

Let Typio teach the most important computer skill of all: typing!

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Typio Online

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Learn touch typing.
Raise your Typing Pet.
Totally Accessible.
Any device, anywhere.

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All Access

Individual User 365 day access


Learn touch typing, study & play games.
Our entire student platform!
Typio, Quick Cards, Accessibyte Arcade & ProPack.

School Edition

365 day access for teachers and students

Full remote access for Students.
Includes full Teacher Dashboard.
Track student progress.
Send custom lessons.