Supercharge your students from the Teacher Dashboard

Remotely track progress, create reports, send assignments, tweak settings & more!

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Manage your caseload from anywhere!

All of your Accessibyte students in one place.

Change student passwords.

Create 1-Click logins for your students.

Manage your School Edition seat licenses.

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Laptop logged into Teacher Dashboard

Track progress and activity

Check what your students have accomplished with Accessibyte.​

  • Typing scores and replays from every Typio lesson.
  • Games played in Accessibyte Arcade.
  • Test scores from Quick Cards.
  • Activity in the ProPack apps.
  • And a whole lot more!

Create custom assignments

Quickly convert your classroom material into accessible assignments

The Teacher Dashboard makes it easy to create content that’s accessible to your blind and visually impaired students. Just type or paste your classroom material and send it to your students. Their software will apply visual enhancements and full audible functioning based on their individual settings.

  • Custom typing lessons for Typio.
  • Flash card decks & tests for Quick Cards.
  • Reader documents, To-Do tasks and Notepad documents for ProPack.
  • Customized game content for Accessibyte Arcade.

Tweak Student Settings

image of a magnifying glass and a gear

Low Vision

  • Make the text easier to read by setting text style, size and color.
  • Minimize visual fatigue by customizing background and text color contrast.
  • Maximize visual ability by toggling visual effects.
image of a laptop with a speech bubble

No Vision

  • Make student programs audibly accessible by choosing a voice used by your student.
  • Tweak the voice speed and pitch to make sure it’s easy to understand.
  • Keep things fun by customizing other sound effects used in each program.
image of a person climbing a stair of gears

Teacher Controls

  • Customize program parameters such as Typio’s WPM and Accuracy goals.
  • Choose whether students are allowed to change their own settings.
  • Set limits on access to games or other features.

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Full remote access for Students.
Includes full Teacher Dashboard.
Track student progress.
Send custom lessons.