Teacher Dashboard’s secret weapon: 1-Click Login

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room. Even if Typio Online is an amazing and accessible typing program, how are new typists supposed to log in if they can‘t yet type their username and password? Quite the dilemma! Well, Accessibyte’s got your back with the 1-Click Login!

What’s 1-Click Login?

The 1-Click Login is a unique link which takes a student straight to their account without needing to type their username or password. Send it to a parent, set it as a shortcut on a student’s desktop or set it as their homepage. Once a student visits that link, they’re logged right into their account. How useful is that? Some students may not need this feature but it’s a convenient solution for those that do.

How do I create a 1-Click Login link?

  1. Log in (link) to your Teacher Dashboard account.
  2. Click the Students sidebar link.
  3. In your list of students, find the desired student and activate the 1-Click Login link.
  4. You’ll be presented with a confirmation message. That message let’s you know this link needs to be used carefully because it allows direct access to the student account. If you’re okay with that, click Yes.

image of teacher dashboard showing 1-click login link location

Advanced use of the 1-Click Login

The link provided from the 1-Click Login can be used in all sorts of ways. One of our favorite uses is setting a desktop shortcut to that link. Depending on your operating system, do this can be a bit technical. We’ll have another Accessiblog post in the future which details how this can be done. In the meantime, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Buy a pack of gummy worms.
  2. Send your school’s IT professional a request to create a desktop shortcut to the 1-Click Login link. Be sure to let them know you have the gummy worms.
  3. When your IT professional creates the shortcut, give them the gummy worms. All done!



The 1-Click Login is super useful but with great power, comes great responsibility (that’s a quote from Spider-Man, btw). While the link doesn’t show your password, using the link doesn’t require use of a password at all. Treat the 1-Click Login link the way you would treat a password. If you were to share that link strangers, those strangers would be able to log in to your student’s account. So be careful not to do that