Typio Online Update – May 2019

Typio Online has received some small fixes, quality of life improvements and a new typing mode for students to enjoy. Not bad for a small update! The best part is the update is already live. Since Typio Online is a live service, you’ve always got access to the most recent version of the program with absolutely no work on your end. How cool is that? We’ll also let you in on a little secret…we’ve got another update right around the corner with some MAJOR new features. Watch our Facebook, Insta and Twitter to be the first to know when it goes live.

Lets dig in to the current update.

Practice Training

Students can now load up their Typing Pets and choose the Practice Training mode. This allows them to review any of the included Typio Online lessons all while beefing up their pet. Whether it’s a past lesson you’d like them to review, or a future lesson you’d like to go over with them, you now have complete control over which lesson a student has access to.

Student Privacy Changes

Student names are no longer used with any Accessibyte Online product. When registering, there simply isn’t a place to put it in. You can still add a nickname or identifier to your students from your Teacher Dashboard, however.

So how the heck is this a desired update, you ask? Well, this does remove a small amount of personalization but lets Accessibyte better protect our users. Data privacy is a big deal and local, national and international online privacy laws are adapting themselves all the time. With each new law that is passed, handling student data becomes more and more complex. It was simplest to remove the students’ first names in order to comply with many of these laws. We want to protect our users and this is a big step towards doing so.

Some Minor Updates

There’s also a few minor updates you might not notice right away. These are to fix a couple small bugs, such as the subtitles getting a mind of their own and turning on randomly on the Main Menu and Typing Pet screens. This was meant to happen when a keypress wasn’t registered for quite a while, just in case someone wasn’t aware they needed to be using the keyboard and not the mouse. The thing is, it was firing a bit too quickly and bugging some users. We’ve now taken a more elegant approach that wont be so bothersome.


There you go! Another great update to Typio Online.

Happy Typing 🙂