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wizard's tower screenshot

How to play Wizard’s Tower

Wizard's Tower is a game of strategy, tactics and planning. You play an adventurer who must use your wits to fight your way to the wizard at the top of the tower. Along the way you will encounter monsters and magical creatures who will try and stop you.
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Samurai screenshot

How to play Samurai

Samurai is a game of reflexes, reaction and patience. Players wait in anticipation of the samurai shout. When the shout and flash begins, it's time to strike! Slash too soon or too late and you lose.
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hangman screenshot

How to play Hangryman

Hangman is a classic game of word guessing and letter recognition.  Our version is fully audible, highly visual and super easy to play so players of all abilities can have fun. Accessibyte Arcade includes word lists for you to play with but teachers can also add their own from their Teacher Dashboard.
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Echo game screenshot

How to play Echo

Echo is an accessible game of pattern recognition and memory. Players repeat the correct keypresses in order to win. One wrong move and it's game over.
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Accessibyte Arcade Canteen Screenshot asking what to put on the bottom shelf, lemonade, sandwich or book.

How to play Canteen

Canteen is a shop simulation game focused on selling items, buying stock and managing profits. You have 30 days to make as much money as you can selling items to campers. Discover the strategy of selling different items on different days.
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