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How to play Echo

Echo is an accessible game of pattern recognition and memory. Players repeat the correct keypresses in order to win. One wrong move and it’s game over. This is a classic game made accessible by Accessibyte Arcade.


Each round of Echo presents the player with a pattern of directions. On the player’s turn, they need to echo that same pattern. For example, the game will announce “Up, Left” then make a tone to signify it’s the player’s turn. The player then inputs the Up Arrow followed by the Left Arrow. If the player presses any other direction they lose.

Each round presents a new random pattern for the player to echo. As the rounds progress the number of directions in the pattern increases.

The player can choose Easy, Medium or Hard mode. Each mode determines how many directions are in each pattern. These modes each consist of 10 rounds. The objective of Easy, Medium and Hard mode is to beat round 10 and win the game.

Endless Extreme Mode

Endless Extreme mode operates differently than the other modes.

Instead of each round containing a randomized pattern to repeat, the same pattern is used throughout this mode. The first round consists of one direction to press. The second round repeats that same direction and adds another. Each successive round follows this trend, repeating the previous pattern and add another direction.

There is no win-state to Endless Extreme. The player’s object is to see how many rounds than can make it before eventually losing.


  • Press the Up, Down, Left or Right keys to Echo the pattern.
  • Use the Up and Down Arrows to navigate the menu.
  • Press Enter to confirm your choice.
  • Press Escape to exit.


  • Echo is a memory game.
  • Echo is an Easy game to play.
  • No text input is required.
  • Only Arrow Keys are used.
  • Players choose their difficulty level.
  • Echo can be played without vision.
  • Echo can be played without hearing.