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How to play Hangryman

Hangryman is the classic game of Hangman with a delicious donut twist. It’s all about word guessing and letter recognition.  Our version is fully audible, highly visual and super easy to play so players of all abilities can have fun. Accessibyte Arcade includes word lists for you to play with but teachers can also add their own from their Teacher Dashboard.

How to Play

When you start Hangman, use the Up and Down keys to navigate the menu and press Enter choose a word list.

After choosing a word list, the game will select a random word from that list and ask you to guess what letters it contains. Players can then press letter keys on the keyboard to see if they’re included in the word.

If you make a correct guess you’ll hear a ding.

If you make an incorrect guess you’ll hear a weird sound. Visually, there’s a donut on screen and with everyone wrong guess someone takes a bite out of the donut. Once the donut is gone, it’s game over. Don’t let them eat your donut!

Guessing the same letter twice does not count against you.

Creating Hangman Wordlists

Hangman can be customized for your students from the Teacher Dashboard. After logging in to your dashboard you can create custom word lists to share with your students.

While hangman can be played just for fun, many teachers choose to include spelling or vocabularly words from their teaching curriculum. This allows students to have some fun while studying, which is always a good thing on our book 🙂


  • Type letters to guess the word.
  • Press Control to read the current word, including any blanks.
  • Press Space to read strikes remaining and letters used.
  • Use the Up and Down Arrows to navigate the menu.
  • Press Enter to confirm your choice.
  • Press Escape to exit.


  • Hangman is a word game.
  • Hangman is an Easy game to play.
  • Individual letter keypresses are required.
  • Spelling may be required.
  • Hangman is customizable.
  • Hangman can be played without vision.
  • Hangman can be played without hearing.