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How to play Wizard’s Tower

Wizard’s Tower is a game of strategy, tactics and planning. You play an adventurer who must use your wits to fight your way to the wizard at the top of the tower. Along the way you will encounter monsters and magical creatures who will try and stop you. As you climb, you will grow stronger, learning new moves and gaining new power-ups.

Wizard’s Tower is the most complex game of Accessibyte Arcade. It may be difficult for new players but provides challenge and replayability for experienced our gamers.

How to Play

Players first choose Easy, Medium or Hard difficulty. Playing on Easy to start is strongly recommended. You can also select “How to Play” to get a brief overview of the game.

After choosing a difficulty, players then choose either the Warrior, Rogue, Mage, or Joker class. Each class will learn different skills and powers as they climb the tower. New players will have an easier time playing as the Warrior.

There are 10 floors of the tower. Each floor contains one or more enemies to battle. Defeat the Wizard atop the 10th floor to win the game.

During battle you have two key stats, Health Points (HP) and Action Points (AP). When enemies attack, they lower your HP. If your HP reaches 0, you lose. When the enemy’s HP reaches 0 they faint. Defeat all enemies and advance to the next floor of the tower.

You can damage enemy HP by performing moves, such as Punch. Each move requires a certain amount of AP. When your AP reaches 0, your turn automatically ends and it’s the enemy’s turn to attack. Some moves don’t damage the enemy but instead restore your HP, give you boosts, or limit enemy abilities. You can also end your turn early and save leftover AP for the next turn. This will allow you to perform more actions that turn.

After winning a battle, you choose an upgrade for your adventurer. Upgrades are either new moves to perform during battle, or boosts such as additional HP or Defense. Choose wisely!

Customize Your Adventure

Wizard’s Tower provides quite a bit of variety and replayability. Each class plays very differently from the others. Even when choosing the same class twice the player may have different moves and upgrades than their previous playthrough.

Warrior: Balanced attack and defense. The Warrior may not have as many tricks up their sleeve as the other classes, but they make up for it with strength and endurance. They are recommended for new players.

Rogue: Weakens foes with precise strikes. The Rogue has less endurance, instead focusing on weakening the enemy until they pose no threat. This class prefers lots of little strikes to one big one. They are recommended for intermediate players who have a bit of experience.

Mage: High Ability Points and huge damage. The Mage has less endurance, but can use powerful skills more easily than the other classes. They can also learn more powerful healing skills to stay on their feet. This class is recommended for intermediate players who have a bit of experience.

Joker: Different moves every time! The Joker learns moves at random, changing the game every time you play. Sometimes you will plow through the tower, while other times you may barely scrape by. This class is recommended for advanced players who have a firm grasp of the game.

Each class represents a different strategy and playstyle. Try them all and find your favorite.


  • Use the Up and Down Arrows to navigate the menu.
  • Press Enter to confirm your choice.
  • Press Escape to exit.


  • Wizard’s Tower is a role playing strategy game.
  • Wizard’s Tower is Moderate difficulty.
  • No text input is required.
  • Wizard’s Towercan be played without vision.
  • Hangman can be played without hearing.