All the ways of accessing your Accessibyte account

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One of the top features of Accessibyte’s online apps is being able to log in from anywhere. Keep reading to learn all the ways users can log in, including installing the webpage as an app on their device.

1. Username and Password

This one’s easy. Any user can login to their account by visiting our login page and entering their login credentials. But let’s take a moment to break that down a bit.

Home Users

When registering a Typio, Typio Pro or Accessibyte All Access Home User account, you’re asked to provide a username, email and password. That username and password is what you’ll enter on the login screen.


Similar to Home Users, student users on a School Edition or Institution Edition license also login to their accounts with a username and password. No email is required.

When a teacher logs into their Teacher Dashboard and visits the My Students sidebar link, there’s an ‘Add Student’ button. Clicking that button will ask you to share a nickname, username and password for that student. Students will use that username and password to login. Teachers can change a student’s password at any time from the My Students sidebar link.

Teachers and Admin

Accessibyte Admin and teachers login using their email address and password. Admin and teachers don’t have dedicated usernames.

2. Installing Apps To Your Device

This one is really cool. In addition to visiting our website, you can install it to your desktop or home screen as a Progressive Web App (PWA). It only takes a few clicks to install the PWA and you can even choose to stay logged in, which prevents the need of entering your username and password each time you visit. Once installed, the app operates the same as any other application on your device.

This is especially helpful when setting Typio or Accessibyte All Access up on a student’s device, as many students who are new to typing may have trouble with the login process.

If this sounds useful to you, we have a dedicated article on installing the web apps to your device.

3. 1-Click Login

Teachers have a lot of control of their students’ Accessibyte experience. In addition to creating custom lessons, tracking data and managing settings, teachers have the option of creating a 1-Click Login for each of their students. Each 1-Click Login is a unique link that will automatically log in a student when they visit it.

Some teachers send students their 1-Click Login links via email, set the link as a desktop shortcut or browser favorite, or include it in a document of other information they share with their students.

When creating a 1-Click Login, teachers can set an expiration date or choose to include a Wait Page that will require the student to click a button before being logged in. These tools are especially useful for creating assessment accounts or allowing a student access for just a short time before sharing access with a different student.

We have a dedicated article on 1-Click Logins if you’d like to learn more about this useful feature.