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Creating and customizing 1-Click Logins for your students

Typio and Accessibyte All Access are online applications that can be accessed by logging in with your internet browser. This requires users to enter their username and password to access the apps. Some users may need assistance with this process, so we’ve included several ways of logging in.

School Edition teachers are able to create 1-Click Logins for their students. These are links that allow the student to login without needing to enter their username or password. Teachers often set these links as bookmarks, desktop shortcuts, or include them in emails to their students or students’ parents. It’s very important to handle 1-Click Login links securely, as anyone with the link will be able to log in to that user’s account. So secure them the same way you would secure a password.

There are several options when creating 1-Click Logins for your students. Read below for instructions on how to create and customize 1-Click Login links from your Teacher Dashboard.

Creating 1-Click Login Links

  1. Log in to your Teacher Dashboard.
  2. Click the My Students sidebar link.
  3. Click the 1-Click Login button for the desired student.
  4. Set the link options, then click the Create Link button. The link will be shown below.
  5. Either click the Copy Link button or manually select and copy the full link text.
  6. Click Close.

1-Click Login Link Options

Link Expiration

When a 1-Click Login link expires, it will no longer work. The account associated with the link is not deleted. It will still be active and can be accessed with the username and password. Only the 1-Click Login link will no longer work.

Most teachers will set links to never expire, so a student’s 1-Click Login link will be active as long as their account exists.

Link expirations may be useful for teachers sending a student a link for assessments, demonstrations, or instruction within a set time frame. The link can be set to expire in any number of hours, days or months. 

Here are a few examples where the 1-Click Login link expiration may be useful:

  • A teacher is providing a 4-week typing seminar and is emailing student a 1-Click Login link, they would want to set the link to expire in 4 weeks. 
  • A teacher using Typio Pro as an typing assessment for an applicant’s typing skills, the teacher may set the 1-Click Login link to expire in a few days.
  • A presenter sends out access to Typio to members of a teaching team and sets the link expiration to just 1-hour so team members can assess during the presentation.

Wait Page

When enabled, visiting a 1-Click Login link will deliver users to a a page asking them to click a button to login. When disabled, users will be delivered directly to the only apps.

One use of the Wait Page is to allow you a chance to save the website as a bookmark, desktop shortcut, or home screen shortcut. For example, a teacher may send a student 1-Click Login link that will be access on an iPad with the following steps:

  1. Visits the 1-Click Login link to reach the wait page.
  2. Tap the square with an arrow pointing up “share” button at the bottom center of the screen.
  3. Tap ‘Add to Home Screen’.
  4. Tap ‘Add’ in the top right corner.
  5. Tap the newly created home screen app icon.
  6. Check the “Don’t ask me to wait again” checkbox and click the Login button.

From that point forward there wont be a wait page and the student will be able to login directly from their home screen. This is similar to installing Accessibyte as a Progressive Web App (PWA) but works with the 1-Click Login links you send out, allowing you to share access to the account without sharing the account username or password.


This process is entirely optional. Most users will rely on the standard login process. So if installing the website as an application gives you any trouble, you can completely ignore it.

1-Click Login links work for Typio, Typio Pro and Accessibyte All Access users  with Home User or School Edition accounts. This process doesn’t apply to Typio for Windows users.

1-Click Logins can only be created by teacher users of School Edition accounts. Other users may be interested in installing Accessibyte as a Progressive Web App (PWA).