Winter Updates for Typio

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Ready for some festive funFrom today until the end of December, Typio is full of winter wonder!

Typio students can spend their typing tokens on a Winter typing theme or open presents to collect special holiday stickers. Typio Idol also has a fun new holiday song to type along with.

This special holiday even won’t last long so let’s dig in to the details before the end of December!

Open Presents and Collect Stickers

Typio Christmas sticker screenshot

A special Winter game has been added to Typio. Students can spend their typing tokens to open presents. Each time present contains a collectable sticker with its own unkque sound and graphic. There are 8 stickers to collect.

Engaging Winter Theme

Both visual and audible students will be immersed in a Winter wonderland with our special Winter theme. The Typing Pet background will change to a festive scene, while typing lessons will include the sounds of snowballs and fun melodies perfect for the holiday. There are dark and light themes, depending on the user’s color settings.

Keyboard Caroling

Be sure to fire up our typing game, Typio Idol, before the end of December!  Students can make their Typing Pet sing along with a special holiday song.

Happy Holidays!

We know your students are going to love this Winter update to Typio and Accessibyte Arcade. Limited-time updates like this bring a lot of life to the Accessibyte platform and keep students engaged while learning.

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