What the heck is Accessibyte Online?

Accessibyte Online

Over the past few years Typio, Quick Cards and Accessibyte Arcade have become a program teachers rely on every day.  Both teachers of children and adults have reached out with all sorts of great feedback on using these programs in the classroom. One request kept coming up over and over…making the software operate on more than just Windows computers! Well, we listened.

Accessibyte Online is our cross-platform, cloud-based solution! Students can log in from Windows, Mac, Chromebook or Android devices to gain access to the clean interface and complete accessibility Accessibyte is known for. User progress and settings follow them anywhere, from school to home. Absolutely no outside accessibility software is required to make the software fully audible, highly visual and totally cool. Best of all, we’ve added some really awesome new features to keep students engaged and entertained while learning!



Typio has been our flagship program for a while now. Touch typing is a pretty big deal, after all. That being the case, Typio will be the first program to reach the Accessibyte Online service. Students and teachers can expect the same amazing features currently offered by Typio, with some really awesome new stuff to come along with it. Existing features include Progress Mode, Lesson Practice, Free Type, Explore Mode, detailed results for each lesson and all sorts of settings to help customize the student’s Typio experience. New to Typio Online are Mini Review and the Typing Pet.

Mini Review

Mini Review mode stemmed from a conversation we had with some really amazing teachers. They had mentioned some of their students required some additional practice between lessons but were getting burnt out trying to same lessons over and over. After some discussion between those teachers and the Accessibyte devs, Mini Review was born!

Mini review presents 10 random typing prompts centering around the most recently learned keys. These prompts are different from the material presented in the standard Typio lessons. Each time the student fires up Mini Review, they’re asked to type a different combination of 10 words. This results in a quick and easy way to practice a pesky new key.

Typing Pet

Okay…the Typing Pet is really, REALLY cool. So cool, in fact, that we’re giving it it’s own article. Check back in a few days to see what the Typing Pet is all about.


Teacher Dashboard

We didn’t forget our roots in teaching visually impaired students. Accessibyte Online has teachers covered too! Teachers can easily add and manage any number of students from within their dashboard. You can also check student progress & statistics, send them custom lessons or tweak their settings…from anywhere! Accessibyte Online makes it easy to manage your caseload.

Each student account requires a license, which grants access to the service for 365 days. Teacher Dashboard users will also require a license offered in a similar fashion. We made sure renewing for another year is a breeze. So no matter how many or for how long, you and your students can easily hop on to Accessibyte Online!


Wrap Up

So there you have it. Accessibyte Online is ready to help blind and visually impaired students and their teachers reach a new level of fun and effectiveness in the classroom. The release of Typio Online is right around the corner, while Quick Cards and Accessibyte Arcade will be here before you know it! We recommend doing the Facebook and email list thing in order to keep current on all the exciting Accessibyte news coming out soon! In the meantime, check out the Accessibyte Online product page and our Knowledge Base for more details.