Typio 3.2.6 Update

Typio 3.2.6 has a really cool new keypress feature, in addition to some bug fixes and minor tweaks.

New Feature: Keypress!
This setting option allows user to choosen between Pop, Click, Typewriter and Read sound effects when keys are pressed during typing lessons. This should add some fun variety to the lessons. The Read option is the previous default, which verbalizes the key being pressed. The rest are just for fun.

Fixes and tweaks:
-You can now press Control to have the user’s scores verbally read again while on the scoring screens.
-Fixed an issue where typing prompts containing punctuation marks had audible lag on some machines.
-Tweaked a few typing lessons.
-Removed outside accessibility checks for a few programs that were causing issues when closed from Typio.
-Fixed an issue where the visual progress bar wasn’t always reaching 100% screen width.
-Fixed an issue where the visual progress bar was present when the Visuals setting was set to ‘Highlight’.
-Fixed an issue where choosing ‘Cancel’ from the Practice Mode file list wasn’t exiting to the main menu on some computers.
-When creating a new user, keypress during the profile naming are now slowed read at a slower rate.
-Fixed an issue where deleting user profiles didn’t remove profiles on complex network setups.
-Retooled some background coding.

Check out the software updates page for more details.