Test your reflexes and reaction with Samurai – Accessibyte Arcade

Samurai is a game of reflexes, reaction and patience. Players wait in anticipation of the samurai shout. When the shout and flash begins, it’s time to strike! Slash too soon or too late and you lose. This is Accessibyte Arcade’s simplest game but don’t let that deceive you. It’s a fun challenge for players of all ability levels.

Samurai even contains a Versus Mode where two players can challenge each other head-to-head.


Each round of Samurai consists of an anticipation phase follow by a time to strike. The player can press any key to strike when the timing is right. If they strike too soon or too late, they lose.

As the rounds progress the strike timing becomes more difficult, allowing less time for a successful strike.

For fun and variety, a random item is annouced at the begining of each round. Each round presents an item larger than the last. That is the item the player strikes. Visually, this item is sliced in half and flies off the screen. Some item examples are leaves, trees, rocks, lamp posts or the moon.

The player can choose Easy, Medium or Hard mode. Each mode determines how much time the user has to strike. These modes each consist of 10 rounds. The objective of Easy, Medium and Hard mode is to beat round 10 and win the game.

Advanced players can choose Endless Extreme mode. Endless Extreme consists of an unlimited number of rounds. Eventually the player will lose. The objective of Endless Extreme mode is to see how many rounds the player can go before losing.

Versus Mode

Versus mode allows two players to challenge each other. The player who strikes first earns a point. If a player reacts too soon, before the samurai shout, their oppenent earns a point. The first player to five points wins.

Player One uses the letter keys to strike, while Player Two uses the number pad or arrow keys.


  • Press any key to strike when the timing is right.
  • Use the Up and Down Arrows to navigate.
  • Press Enter to confirm your choice.
  • Press Escape to exit.

Veruse Mode Controls:

  • Player 1 uses the letter keys to strike.
  • Player 2 uses the arrow keys or numpad to strike.


  • Samurai is an action game.
  • Samurai is an Easy game to play.
  • No text input is required.
  • Any key can be used.
  • Players choose their difficulty level.
  • Samurai can be played without vision.
  • Samurai can be played without hearing.