Incredible new features added to Teacher Dashboard

Accessibyte’s Teacher Dashboard now makes it easier than ever to manage your caseload. The focus of this update was to improve management of large numbers of students, customize student content and access student data.

Read on to learn more about these features you’ll love.

Accessibyte Admin

Accessibyte School Edition has had two types of accounts: Teachers and Students. But now there’s a new Admin user role that makes it easier managing licenses with large number of seats.

The Accessibyte Admin is the point person who oversees all teachers and students on the license. As a result, they have some unique controls available in the Admin Dashboard you may find really useful.

  • Reassign students from one teacher to another.
  • Create, delete and manage teacher accounts.
  • Set student creation seat limits per teacher.
  • Lock license for new account activations.
  • Export Teacher and Student lists.
  • Import Teacher and Student accounts from CSV.

These features are incredibly useful for schools working with a large number of students and multiple teachers. During testing, some schools assigned a lead teacher as Accessibyte Admin while others relied on an IT or other tech lead. In all cases, the new features were a welcome addition to Accessibyte School Edition.

For now, to request an Accessibyte Admin be assigned to your account, you’ll need to contact us directly.

Data Management

Accessibyte’s Teacher Dashboard has always offered robust data tracking for teachers—student usage history, remotely tweaking settings, even replays of Typio lessons. Its now super easy to import, export and manage that data however you’d like. This should make your documentation requirements a breeze.

All teachers and admin now have access to these awesome features:

  • Export one or multiple students’ lesson history, settings and activity to PDF.
  • Export one or multiple students’ Typio lesson history to a CSV spreadsheet.
  • Export list of all student accounts.

Rostering and Account Management

In addition to some general layout updates, Accessibyte has added some new tools to simplify the process of adding and managing student accounts.

All teachers now have access to the following improved features:

  • Export student list to PDF or CSV spreadsheet.
  • Change multiple student passwords at the same time.
  • Delete multiple students at the same time.
  • Delete absolutely all student data on the account manually.

Likewise, those new Accessibyte Admin users can also quickly manage large number of accounts with the following features:

  • Export list of all teacher accounts.
  • Import teacher accounts from CSV.
  • Import student accounts from CSV.

License Management

Did you know the vast majority of users continue using the Accessibyte platform year after year? So we wanted to make that process as easy as possible so there’s no downtime for teachers and students.

Here are some improvements we’ve made to the Teacher Dashboard to meet that need:

  • Renew a license for another year with just 2 clicks.
  • Easily generate a quote for license renewal purchase orders.
  • Add additional student or teacher seats to a license that’s already in progress.
  • Purchase licenses for up to 3 year duration.
  • Login to account after license expiration to delete students. This is useful for teachers who will be updating their license for another school year but the new license has fewer seats than the previous license.
  • New “Home User” and “School Edition” product names to make choosing the right version an easy process.

Custom Lesson Sharing

Accessibyte teachers have always been able to share custom content with their students. Typio lessons, Quick Cards decks and tests, custom content in Accessibyte Arcade and ProPack—you name it!

But now teachers have the option of sharing custom content with each other. So if a fellow teacher has some lessons you’ve really wanted to use, it’s now a simple process to make that happen. This is one of those new features that seems small at first but ends up opening huge new possibilities for our users.

  • Share Codes let you easily share Typio, Quick Cards and Accessibyte Arcade content with other teachers.
  • Quick Cards now has a CSV import feature, which is very useful when transferring flash card decks from other apps you’ve used in the past.

To sum up, this update shows supporting teachers and students is something we take seriously.

We can’t wait to share the next update that’s already in the works because we make things even easier still!