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What is School Edition?

Home User vs. School Edition

The Accessibyte platform comes it two versions: Home User and School Edition.

Home User provides access for a single student user with no teacher dashboard integration. This is what an individual working on their own would choose.

School Edition is built for teachers, schools and districts working with any number of students. Students have access to the Accessibyte apps, while each teacher has their own Teacher Dashboard. Teachers can then manage their student roster, track student progress, change their settings, create assignments, download reports, etc. Optionally, an Accessibyte Admin can oversee the School Edition account.

How many students and teachers on a School Edition account?

The number of users on an account is up to you. When you purchase your School Edition account, you can choose the number of students and teachers. These are referred to as seats. Each seat is good for one user of that type.

If your account has 1 student seat and 1 teacher seat, you can create 1 Teacher Dashboard and assign 1 student to that teacher. This is good if you’re working on your own.

If a School Edition account has multiple students and teachers, each teacher has their own teacher dashboard and roster of students.

If your account has 30 student and 3 teacher seats, you can create 3 teachers on the account. Those 3 teachers could then divide the 30 student seats between them. Teacher A could have 10 student seats, Teacher B could have 5, and Teacher C could have 15. Each teacher could then use their seats to create that number of student accounts.

If a teacher decides to delete a student, that student’s account is erased and their seat becomes available for another student to use. Most students remain on the license for the duration but some schools choose to have a few extra seats for student assessment accounts, teacher demonstrations, etc.

This is helpful because it allows you flexibility when deciding how many student and teacher seats you need on the account. You don’t have to assign the seats right away—you can assign them any time down the road and even unassign seats as you see fit.

What about student accounts?

When the teacher creates a student account, that student is assigned an ID, username and password. Students then use their username to login and use the Accessibyte apps, such as Typio. As the students use the apps, their data populates in your Teacher Dashboard.

Account Administrator

This next part is optional. If an account has a large number of teachers, we can also assign an Accessibyte Admin. The admin can oversee the entire account—all teachers and all students. The admin can also create teacher and student accounts, assign and reassign students to various teachers, etc. The admin role is optional but often fill by a teach lead or IT person. Some groups of teachers rely on this, while others don’t need it.

Sounds good! Now what?

Your best bet is determining how many students and teachers will be on the account. If you’re unsure, it’s always possible to add more later.

Pricing is determined by how many student seats are requested. Teacher seats don’t change the cost. You can use our pricing calculator to check the cost for 1-100 students on an account. If you’re working with more than 100 students we can provide a customized quote from this same email address.

Once you know the number of seats you need, you can purchase a license and setup your account.

If you have questions you can contact us.