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Does Typio have lessons included?

Yep, Typio includes a ton of typing lessons. These included lessons cover the entire keyboard and then some. Any custom lessons you create are totally optional.

How many lessons are included?

There are quite a few typing modes and games that can’t be broken down into a standard number of lessons. This is because they are procedurally generated based on your student’s current typing progress. These customized training modes and games provide nearly infinite typing practice.

Below are the number of  lessons in the standard typing modes.

Typing Mode Number of Lessons
Typing Journey 130
Basic Modes 45
Braille Mode 70
Mini Review Provides nearly infinite practice based on the student's current progress.

How do students access these lessons quickly?

Once a student account has been created and the student has logged in, there are two really quick ways to start learning the keyboard.

If your student is going to raise a Typing Pet, choose that option from the Main Menu. After hatching their pet, the student will be walked through Typio, eventually leading to the app telling them to start their Typing Journey. That is where they will learn new keys and complete typing lessons. Returning to Typing Journey each login will advance the student through learning the keyboard. Everything else is optional.

If a typist isn’t going to raise a Typing Pet, such as an adult student, they will choose Basic Modes from the Main Menu. From there, choose Progress Mode and Typio will supply a tutorial for each new key, followed by a lesson for that key. Returning to Progress Mode each login will advance the typist through learning the keyboard.