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Test Editor – Creating tests for your students

There are two ways of creating Quick Cards tests. These instructions are for creating tests within the Quick Cards application. Alternatively, you can create tests from within your Teacher Dashboard.


  1.  Arrow down to Test Editor, then press Enter.
  2.  Arrow down to Create New Test, then press Enter.
  3.  Type your test name, then press Enter.
  4.  Arrow down to Add  Question, then press Enter.
  5.  Type the question, then press Enter.
  6.  Type the first answer choice, then press Enter. You’ll repeat this until you have included all answer choices. Each question can have a maximum of 6 answer choices. If your question has less that 6 choices, you can leave an answer blank and press Enter to signal the end of the answers.
  7.  After the answers have been entered, you’ll need to choose which is the correct answer. Just arrow down to it and press Enter.
  8.  You’ll now see your question list containing the new question, in addition to Add Question and Save and Quit. Continue to add questions until your deck is complete.