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How do I renew access to Accessibyte?

Accessibyte Online is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS). This allows us to keep our software up to date and login-ready for our users from just about any device and and location.

When you purchase an Accessibyte Online software license, you’re granted 365-day access to that product. These licenses don’t automatically renew. Once that time has passed, you’ll need to purchase a new license for another year of use. You can use the steps below to update your existing account with the new license.

Home Users

  1. Purchase a fresh license.
  2. Visit the License Renewal page to apply your new license to your existing account. That’s all you gotta do!

School Edition Users

  1. Log in to your Teacher Dashboard.
  2. Click the My Account sidebar link.
  3. Click Renew License.
  4. Use the Purchase Now button or Request Quote button to get a new license.
  5. Once you have your new license, visit the License Renewal page and apply your new license to your existing account.