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Notepad overview

Notepad is a basic word processor, allowing students an audible and highly visual notekeeping environment. Students can create, save and delete notes within the Notepad app. You can also send them notes from your Teacher Dashboard.

Create and Save a note

  1. After loading Notepad, arrow down to Create new note and press Enter.
  2. Type the note.
  3. Press Escape or press Control + S.
  4. Arrow down to Update or Save and press Enter.

Deleting a note

  1. After loading Notepad, arrow down to the desired note.
  2. Press Backspace.
  3. Arrow down to Yes and press Enter to confirm deletion.


  • Move by word: Control + Left / Right arrow
  • Move by character: Left / Right arrow
  • Select text: Shoft + Left / Right arrow
  • Toggle Bold: Control + B (after selecting text)
  • Toggle Italics: Control + I (after selecting text)
  • Toggle Underline: Control + U (after selecting text)
  • Toggle List: Control + L (after selecting text)
  • Save note: Control + S
  • Read next sentence: Control + Down arrow
  • Read All: Control + Shift + Down arrow
  • Exit: Escape