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How do students access custom Typio lessons?

Accessing custom Typio lessons

Custom lessons are one of Typio’s coolest features for teachers and students. All you have to do is send the text and Typio will automatically break it down into a fully audible, highly visual typing lesson.

You can remotely send your students anything you’d like the to type. This can be spelling words, keys they struggle with or your own custom typing curriculum. You name it!

There are two ways students can access the custom lessons you create for them. The only difference between the methods is whether or not they’re using the Typing Pets.

With Typing Pets

  1. Log in to Typio.
  2. Choose Typing Pet from the Main Menu.
  3. Choose Training.
  4. Choose Custom Training.
  5. Arrow down to the desired custom lesson and press Enter.

In Basic Modes

  1. Log in to Typio.
  2. Choose Basic Modes from the Main Menu.
  3. Choose Lesson Practice.
  4. Arrow down past the default lessons, then you’ll find the custom lessons. Press Enter on the desired lesson.