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How do I purchase access to Accessibyte Online?

Ooh, you’re ready to sign up for Accessibyte Online!? That’s awesome! The first step is to purchase a license so you can gain access to the service. Since Accessibyte Online is used by individuals, schools, tech labs and all other types of institutions, we know there can be some hoops to jump through when it comes to ordering. Keep on reading to learn of all the ways to purchase access to the Accessibyte Online service.

Direct Purchase

This step is a piece of cake. Simply navigate the Accessibyte website and add your desired software license to your cart. For example, Typio Online. After completing your purchase, you’ll be emailed a software license. We’re gonna need that for the next step.

If you’re unable to purchase a license directly, visit the How to Purchase page to find out the best way to complete your transaction.

Purchase Order

If your institution requires purchase orders or quotes, we’ve got you covered! Simply email with your purchase order form or request to receive a quote. We’ll walk you through the process from there.


If you have an approved vendor of choice, we’re happy to work with them to get you the Accessibyte products you need! While many vendors already have Accessibyte products listed, some may not. If your preferred vendor already has us in their system, you know what to do. If they don’t, contact them and let them know you’d like to use them for your Accessibyte purchase. Additionally, you can email and we can contact the vendor on your behalf.

State and Government Resources

Many schools rely on state and government resources to supply their students with the appropriate education tools. Accessibyte products are often covered under these services. Many states and government resource catalogs already have Accessibyte products listed, though some may not. If your agency doesn’t yet have Accessibyte ready to go, we suggest you contact them and let them know. Who knows, maybe you’re the first in your area to ask them about it! Additionally, you can email and we can contact the agency on your behalf.