Case Studies

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Students of Differing Abilities and Needs,
All in One Classroom

“I am so grateful to have Typio for our students!! I don’t know what we would do without it! ”

Grace taught students of varying ages, grade levels and abilities in her classroom simultaneously. Some students were Deaf, others Hard of Hearing; several had visual impairments, and some had neurological conditions, such as Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI), that would become overstimulated due to too much occurring on the screen visually. 

The Blum Family

“My eight-year-old daughter who is completely blind started using Typio a few weeks ago. She didn’t want to stop. We had to give her a thumbprint on the laptop so she could log in in the mornings while we were still asleep and go to the Typio window which we would leave up for her. She learned how to type using the entire keyboard in two weeks. She loves the Arcade and the typing pet is such a great idea. I have SO many things I’d love to say about Typio. Thank you to everyone at Accessibyte for such outstanding products!”

-Courtney Blum