Activating Your Software

1. Purchase a License

Any time during or after your free trial, you are able to purchase a software license for the program. You can purchase a license either through the Accessibyte website or from a software vendor. Doing so will grant you a software license, which can be used to activate the software on your computer. From that point forward, you will be the proud owner of an Accessibyte product.

2. Download Software

If you are already using the trial version of the software, this step is complete.

Otherwise, simply download and install the software from either the link included in your purchase receipt email, or via the free trial link on the product page.

3. Activate your License

From the main menu of the program, choose the registration option. If your software trial has expired, you will be taken there automatically. Now simply paste your license into the license field and press enter. If successful, the program will restart and your software is ready to use! And now you wont be pestered with that trial introduction screen 😉

If you are unable to register online, read about the offline registration method below.

License and Purchase Info

Offline Registration Method

Many schools have strict firewall settings which block outside access by third party software, such as the Accessibyte program you purchased. This can sometimes interrupt the activation process. If your software doesn’t successfully register within the Accessibyte program, it is first suggested that you ask your IT professional for help. If that doesn’t work, there is a simple offline registration method available.

The support page provides simple solutions to activate your software online. If that doesn’t work, contact Accessibyte support and we can begin the quick and easy offline registration process.

License Transfer

Once a license has been activated on a computer, it cannot be transferred. You will need to purchase a license for each computer on which you wish to use the software. In the case of a computer crash, hardware changes or unexpected acts of computer craziness, you can contact Accessibyte support to see what options are available to recover the license.

Site Licensing

If your agency plans on installing an Accessibyte product on many computers, it is possible to purchase a site license. The benefit of a site license is that a single license key can be activated on a number of computers. While you will still need to purchase each activation of the license, you will only have one license to keep track of instead of many.

For example, instead of having 20 different licenses each good for a single activation, you could have just one license which can be activated on 20 different computers. Your IT professional will love you for this.

If you plan on purchasing a site license, please contact the Accessibyte sales department or your preferred vendor prior to purchase.

Purchase Orders

Accessibyte products are aimed at helping teachers and students. As such, Accessibyte is familiar with the purchase order process. If your agency requires a purchase order to be made, contact Accessibyte Sales to request purchase order documentation. We strive to meet the individual requirements of each institution and will work with you to make the process as convenient as possible.
We know it’s sometimes hard to coordinate these things as a busy teacher. Reach out to us and we’ll do what we can to get your order processed as quick as possible 😉

Approved Vendors

If your agency can only order from an approved vendor, check to see if they carry Accessibyte products. If your vendor of choice doesn’t already carry our products, ask them to contact us so we can all work together to get you and your students the tools you need.