Windows license wont activate or trial wont work.

This article is for users of the Windows-based Accessibyte products. Online products are not covered in this article.


My software won’t register!

On some networks, such as those at schools or government agencies, the firewall settings are rather secure. So secure, in fact, that little known software might not be able to reach out. While the Accessibyte registration is safe and secure, the signal can still be blocked. But worry not! There is a simple offline registration method that can be done. If you run into this issue, email and we’ll get it all sorted out.


My trial won’t run!

Similar to the registration issue above, the Accessibyte product trials require an internet connection to reach the server. If your firewall is blocking the signal, you can give the Accessibyte software a passthrough in your firewall settings and things should be right as rain. If that doesn’t work, you can also run the Accessibyte software as administrator to solve the issue.

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