What are the requirements to use Typio Online?

Typio Online was developed to be accessed from a variety of devices. We’ve tested it on Chromebooks, Macbooks, Windows computers, weird custom machines…you name it. Our recommendation is to try out the free trial and see how it works on your machine/network. In case you’re curious about the requires to use the service, here they are:


Basic Requirements

  • Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android or Linux operating system. Mobile Apple devices (iOS) such as iPad and iPhone are not yet supported. This is due to restrictions Apple places on web browsers regarding audio playback and various ‘game’ mechanics. Mac computers are compatible. Who knows, maybe we’ll release an iOS app sooner or later.
  • Google Chrome web browser. Whichever operating you’re using, you must use the Google Chrome browser to login. Google offers this browser for free.
  • A physical keyboard. Yep, Typio Online requires a keyboard for use.


Additional Requirements

Larger institutions, such as schools, may require some additional tweaks for Accessible Online products to work correctly. In order to keep your network secure, your IT professionals may have disabled certain browser features or enabled strict firewall settings. While this is good practice for keeping things secure, Accessibyte Online may require special permissions in order to operate correctly. Please discuss the following additional requirements with your IT professional:

  • Firewall whitelisting for www.accessibyte.com
  • HTTPS access to www.accessibyte.com
  • Chrome autoplay sound access. This can be done by setting navigating to chrome://flags#autoplay-policy and setting Autoplay Policy to “No user gesture is required.” This can be handled by the Chrome Enterprise policy for large groups of machines.
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