Typio for Windows FAQ

This article is for users of the Windows-based Accessibyte products. Online products are not covered in this article.

Is Typio for children or adults?

Both! Hundreds of learners of all ages and abilities have relied on Typio to reach them keyboarding skills.

How do I share student progress documentation?

All documentation files are standard Rich Text Files (.rtf) and can be viewed, printed or emailed the same as you would any other file.

How many custom lessons can Typio hold?

Unlimited! While Typio comes with 45 which covers the entire alphabet, you can add an unlimited number of custom lessons as well.

How do I create my own custom Typio lessons?

To create a custom Typio typing lesson navigate to My Documents > Accessibyte > Typio > Typing Docs. Within that folder, right click and choose New > Text Document. Type, or copy and paste, any text into that document and save it. Typio will do the rest! Your newly created document should appear in the typing lesson list within Typio!

The Typio manual details this process. Just navigate to My Documents > Accessibyte > Typio to find the manual.

Can Custom Typio lessons be shared?

Certainly! If you have Typio lessons to share with other instructors, be sure they place them in their My Documents > Accessibyte > Typio > Typing Docs folder. It’s as easy as copy and paste!

Is Typio completely usable without vision?

Certainly! Typio is designed to be used by students and instructors of various levels of sight and hearing.

Can I check out the Typio manual to get more information?

Absolutely. Here is the Typio manual in PDF and plain text formats.

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