How to play Samurai


Samurai tests the player’s reaction and reflexes. Listen in anticipation of the samurai shout. When you hear the shout, press any key to slash. Slash too soon or too late and you lose.

Game Controls

  • Slash: Any key
  • Player One Slash: Letter keys
  • Player Two Slash: Arrow keys, number pad
  • Navigation Controls
  • Navigate Menu: Up or Down arrow
  • Confirm: Enter
  • Exit: Escape

How to Play

When starting the game, press any key to proceed to the menu. Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu, and press Enter to make a selection. The game has five modes: Easy, Medium, Hard, Endless Extreme, and Versus. You can also select “How to Play” for a brief overview of the game.

The rules in each mode are the same. An object will appear on screen, and moody sounds will play. When you hear a shout, press a key as fast as you can. If you’re fast enough, you will hear the sound of a sword while you cut the object in half. If you press a key before the shout, or press the key too late after the shout, you’ll hear a buzzer, which means you lose.

Easy, Medium, and Hard all have ten rounds, with each round requiring quicker reflexes. You win if you can make it through all ten rounds.

Endless Extreme has unlimited rounds, with each round requiring quicker reflexes. You cannot win this mode, only try for the highest score possible.

Versus is a mode for two players. Player one uses the letter keys, while player two uses the number pad or arrow keys. The enter keys are disabled in this mode. Whoever reacts the fastest after the shout gets one point, but if someone presses a key too fast, their opponent gets a point. The first player to five points wins.

Once you’ve sliced your fill, select “Exit” or press Escape to return to the main menu.

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