How to play Hangman


Hangman is the classic game of word guessing and letter recognition. Accessibyte Arcade comes with word lists for you to play with, but teachers can also add their own from their Teacher Dashboard.

Game Controls

  • Guess a Letter: Letter keys
  • Read letters in word: Control
  • Read strikes and letters used: Space
  • Exit: Escape
  • Navigation Controls
  • Navigate Menu: Up or Down arrow
  • Confirm: Enter
  • Exit: Escape

How to Play

When you start Hangman, use the up and down keys to navigate the menu and press enter choose a word list. After choosing a word list, the game will select a word or phrase at random and ask you to guess what letters are in that word or phrase. A voice will tell you how many words you need to guess and how many letters are in each word. If you make a correct guess you’ll hear a ding. If you make an incorrect guess you’ll hear a weird sound.

The word or phrase will appear at the top of the screen. A keyboard will appear underneath, which will highlight the letters you’ve used. A donut also appears next to the keyboard. Every time you guess wrong, someone takes a bite out of the donut. Once the donut is gone, it’s game over. Don’t let them eat your donut!

When you press Control the game will read off what letters in the word or phrase you’ve guessed correctly so far, saying “blank” for letters you still need to guess. When you press Space the game will tell you how many strikes you’ve used and what letters you’ve guessed.

If you manage to guess the whole word or phrase, you’ll hear a jingle, and the game will read the answer to you. You will then try another word from that list at random. Guess all the words, and you win! If you use up all your strikes, it’s game over. After you lose, the game will read you the answer. Press Enter to return to the menu and choose another list, or try the same list again.

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