How to play Echo


Echo is a game of pattern recognition and memory. The game will give you a series of inputs which you then repeat using the arrow keys. Mess up, and it’s game over!


  • Game Controls
  • Copy Pattern: Arrow keys
  • Navigation Controls
  • Navigate Menu: Up or Down arrow
  • Confirm: Enter
  • Exit: Escape

How to play

Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu, and press the Enter key to make a selection. When starting the game, you can select from four modes: Easy, Medium, Hard, or Endless Extreme. You can also select “How to Play” for a brief overview of the game. Select “Exit” or press Escape to return to the main menu.

In each mode, a voice will read a pattern of directions, using up, down, left, and right. After the tone, use the arrow keys to match the directions in the same order you heard them. If you match the pattern, the game will move on to the next round. If you make a mistake, you’ll hear a buzzer, and have to try again.

Easy, Medium, and Hard all have similar rules. You play ten rounds, each with a different pattern to repeat. The patterns start with one step on Easy, three steps on Medium, and five steps on Hard. The game adds an additional step on rounds four and seven, ending with three steps on Easy, six steps on Medium, and eight steps on Hard. After finishing the tenth round, you win!

Endless Extreme works differently. Rounds continue endlessly until you lose. Each round has the same pattern, with one step added every round. You cannot win this mode, so your goal is to get through as many rounds as possible. How long can you last?

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