How to play Canteen


Canteen is a game of resource management and predictive skills. You play as a camper, and the camp wants you to make as much money as possible in thirty days in the canteen shop. You must balance purchasing new stock while making sure you turn a profit.


  • Navigate Menu: Up or Down arrow
  • Confirm: Enter
  • Exit: Escape

How to Play

Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu, and press Enter to make a selection. Select “Start Game” to begin playing. “How to Play” gives a brief overview of the rules. Select “Exit” or press Escape to take you back to the main menu. Once you begin playing, the game will tell you what day it is, and what weather or special events the camp has on that day. Your options are to “Open Shop,” “Buy Stock,” or “Inventory.”

The “Open Shop” menu asks you to select different items to put on each of your three shelves. Items will sell better depending on what shelf you put them on and depending on how the weather or special events make customers feel. You should experiement to find what works best, but one tip is that customers are more likely to buy from higher shelves.

  • Sunny: A normal day. You’ll see sunny days the most.
  • Rainy: A dreary day. A good time to stock up, unless you have something which you think might sell…
  • Picnic: Everyone’s feeling a bit hungry.
  • Book Club: Everyone’s in the mood to read.
  • Rich Camp: Everyone’s ready to spend!

Starting out, you will only have candy, so select that item for each shelf on your first day. You never run out of candy, so the canteen always has something to sell. After you hear a cash register ring, the game tells you how many items you sold, and how much money you made. Then you move on to the next day.

If you looked at the other items you could sell and wondered how to get them, select “Buy Stock” next. You cannot open the shop and buy items on the same day, so think hard about how best to organize your time.

In the “Buy Stock” menu, you will see how much money you have, what items you can buy, and their prices. Here’s the list:

  • Candy: Never runs out. Sells for $1.
  • Lemonade: Costs $2. Sells for $4.
  • Sandwich: Costs $4. Sells for $8.
  • Book: Costs $8. Sells for $16.
  • Umbrella: Costs $16. Sells for $32.

You can buy up to ten of each item. Once you have everything you want, or run out of money, select “End Day” to move on to the next day. If you don’t want to buy anything, select “Go Back” to return to the menu and do something else that day.

Skilled canteen owners think about when to open the shop, when to buy stock, and when to stop buying stock. If you can’t remember what you have, select “Inventory” to see how much of each item you have left.

Once camp ends after thirty days, you find out how much money you made. Any items you have stay unsold, and you won’t make any money from them. Plan ahead and try to make as much as possible!

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