Accessibyte Arcade for Windows FAQ

This article is for users of the Windows-based Accessibyte products. Online products are not covered in this article.

How do I make my own Crazy Phrase stories?

When typing your story, use “<” and “>” as bookends to whatever word or words you want to be a Crazy Phrase prompt. For example, type “Joe has a pet ” and “animal” will become a prompt when the student uses that file. Be sure to check the Accessibyte Arcade manual for more information and feel free to use the included example files as a starting point.

How do I make my own Hangman word lists?

Within the My Documents > Accessibyte Arcade > Hangman folder, create a .txt file. Within that file, put each word on it’s own line. Save it and you’re all set! It’s as easy as that. Check the Accessibyte Arcade manual or use the included example files to get started.

Is there fun secret content in Accessibyte Arcade?

Well, I’m not so sure I can answer this one. I have heard whispers of Accessibyte Arcade randomly addressing it’s users and telling them certain things. Keep playing to find out…

Is Accessibyte Arcade completely usable without vision?

Yep! While there are visual elements, the audio-only user will not miss out on any key content.

Where can I find the Accessibyte Arcade manual?

Right here! Here is the Accessibyte Arcade manual in PDF and plain text formats.

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