How Accessibyte Arcade introduces computer skills

Hey there, Accessibyte fans! We’re gonna step away from Typio for this post and focus on Accessibyte Arcade. Let’s check out how the games in Accessibyte Arcade introduce basic computer skills to a spectrum of players by means of graduated difficulty, play style and controls! These aren’t just 9 random games; they were designed with a purpose.

accessibyte arcade logo over a blurred arcade backgorund


A Spectrum of Players

Accessibyte Arcade is built from the ground up to be accessible for players who are blind or visually impaired. It’s also designed for players of all skill levels, from hardcore record breakers who want a challenge, to casual players who just want to have fun. For these games to be enjoyable by players of all skill levels and abilities, they need to cover a broad range of difficulty, play style and control.



Many of the games include various difficulty levels. These games include Echo, Radio, Samurai and Wizard’s Tower. Difficulty levels range from Easy, Medium, Hard and Endless Extreme.

  • Easy mode provides an environment where players almost always win.
  • Medium and Hard each raise the difficulty level slightly, allowing players to slowly progress to more complicated gameplay.
  • Endless Extreme provides a challenge for ANY player by continuing indefinitely, with each round of the game becoming more difficult than the last. While it’s possible to play forever, the player will eventually lose. The goal isn’t to reach the end, it’s to see how far you can go!


Play Style

Reaching the last level is fun, but some games have a different approach. 

  • Canteen focuses on making as much money as you can during a month at summer camp. You don’t win or lose, you just try to beat your own record.
  • Crazy Phrase and Hangman are simple word games with unlimited variety due to their custom content creation.
  • FutureBot and Music Box provide infinite replay value out of the box since they’re just focused on goofing around.



Here’s where things get interesting! The variety of games in Accessibyte Arcade cover a wide range of controls. Games range from single key controls to navigating simple menus. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Music Box: Press any key at any time to make music. Each key is a music note, specifically tuned to sound good no matter which keys you press! This is the most openly controlled game.
  • Samurai: Press any key at the right time. Press it too soon or too late and you lose. This game is easy to grasp and provides a sense of reflexive control over the keyboard.
  • Radio: Hold or tap the left and right arrow keys to keep the music tuned in. The player now has two keys to work with at the right time, but Radio is very forgiving. You can swing too far left or right and still have a chance to correct your overcompensation without losing.
  • Echo: A familiar memory game which uses the arrow keys. Pressing the keys in the correct order requires more control over the keyboard than the other games we’ve mentioned, but isn’t overly complicated.
  • FutureBot: Use simple menu navigation to calculate your future! FutureBot asks the user basic questions, which they navigate with the up or down arrows, then confirm by pressing the Enter key. Questions only have 2 or 3 fun answer choices, so the options aren’t overwhelming. Some questions do require a typed response.
  • Wizard’s Tower: More complex menu navigation. Players navigate lists of menu options to select an ability, choose an enemy to use the ability on, and to progress through various lines of text. While FutureBot focused on a singular menu structure, Wizard’s Tower provides follow up menus which require more mental mapping to navigate properly.
  • Hangman: Any letter or number key on the keyboard can be used to discover the current word, but players are given many chances to find the right key. Though the entire keyboard is used, there isn’t necessarily room for ‘typos’ or making navigation mistakes.
  • Crazy Phrase: Full keyboard input! Crazy Phrase allows users to type responses to various types of words, then hear those words injected into a story. This requires standard use of the keyboard, while still keeping things simple by removing the need to navigate. Players just focus on typing.


So there we have it! Now you know how Accessibyte Arcade earns it’s tagline:

Accessibyte Arcade is fun…for everyone!